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There are several reports you can generate, and a few different formats to choose from.

Generating Reports

Go to the Reports/Export page. Select a report type and format, then press Generate Report. You will be prompted to download a file containing the report, or, in the case of the HTML web page format, a new browser tab will open with the report.

Report Types

  • Items
    • All items in the database.
  • Categories
    • List of categories.
  • Locations
    • List of locations.
  • Understocked Items
    • List of items where the available quantity is less than the needed quantity.

Report Formats

  • CSV text file
    • A Comma Seperated Values file, where each record is on a new line and columns are seperated with commas. Viewable in most text editors and spreadsheet applications.
  • ODS spreadsheet
    • An Open Document Format spreadsheet. Can be used in LibreOffice Calc, Excel, and all spreadsheet applications that follow modern standards for document file format.
  • HTML web page
    • A HTML table. Viewable in web browsers and some office applications, such as LibreOffice Writer.